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About Us

CROATIAN PENSION INSURANCE INSTITUTE is a public institution established on the basis of the Pension Insurance Act which at the same time designated the commencement of the pension system reform aimed to providing for the mandatory pension insurance (PAYG) entitlements to the employees, farmers, craftsmen and others. The Institute is a legal successor of the former republic pension and invalidity insurance funds of workers, self-employed persons and farmers i.e. of all previous institutions; its history goes back in 1922, when the Central Office for Pension Insurance of Workers was established in Zagreb.   

The Institute is a legal person with rights, obligations and responsibilities regulated by its Statute. It has a public authority with respect to resolving of the rights and obligations from the pension insurance.  

The Institute operates independently and is formally and legally represented by its Director-General.

The Institute operates publicly. Its public modus operandi has been achieved by filing of the work and business reports to the Croatian Parliament, pension insurance beneficiaries and insurees on at least annual basis, by providing access to the information on the Institute's operation to the public media and by the announcement in the Official Gazette of the Statute and other general acts regulating the insurees' and beneficiaries' rights and obligations under the pension insurance.

The Institute is subject to the administrative supervision by the competent pension insurance ministry and the ministry competent for the supervision and monitoring of the application of legislation regulating children allowance.

The registered seat of the Institute is in Zagreb, A. Mihanovica 3. 

The scope of business activities, organization, management and directing is regulated by the Law and by the Statute of the Institute.

The Institute is a holder of two legal persons, Hrvatsko mirovinsko osiguranje d.o.o. (HMO d.o.o.) and Hrvatsko mirovinsko investicijsko društvo d.o.o. (HMID d.o.o.).