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About HZMO

About HZMO

About HZMO

The Croatian Pension Insurance Institute (Hrvatski zavod za mirovinsko osiguranje, short name: HZMO) is a public institution established by the Pension Insurance Act. HZMO has the status of a legal entity with rights, obligations and responsibilities determined by the Law and the Statute, and it has public authorities in deciding on the rights and obligations ensuing from the pension insurance.

The work of HZMO is public. The publicness of its work is achieved by at least one annual Work and Operations Report to the Croatian Parliament, to the insurees and pension insurance beneficiaries, by the availability of HZMO’s operational data in the media and by publication in the Official Gazette of HZMO’s Statute and other general acts regulating the rights and obligations of the insured persons and pension insurance beneficiaries.

HZMO operates independently, and its Director-General who acts for and on behalf of it represents it. The administrative supervision of HZMO performs the Ministry competent for the pension system, and the implementation of the child benefit regulations supervises and monitors the family-competent Ministry. HZMO ownes two legal entities, namely Hrvatsko mirovinsko osiguranje d.o.o. (HMO d.o.o.) and Hrvatsko mirovinsko investicijsko društvo d.o.o. (HMID d.o.o.).

The seat of HZMO is in Zagreb, A. Mihanovića 3.
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