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How to Apply

How to Apply

How to Apply

How to Apply

The applicant should apply to the competent regional service, i.e. the regional/local office of HZMO according to his/her place of residence, via our e-Services (e-Usluge) or orally, by declaring a statement for recording. Also, applications can be filed free of charge at the post offices on the territory of the Republic of Croatia.
The application must contain: the identification data; the address of the applicant, children and other household members (place of residence, zip code, street and house number, country of residence or domicile); if the applicant is married or cohabiting or supports children; what is the applicant’s relation to the children on behalf of whom he/she applies (parent, grandfather, grandmother, stepfather, stepmother, guardian) and what is the applicant’s relation to other household members and if these household members are employed or receiving a pension outside the Republic of Croatia and, if yes, in which country; if a child for whom the child benefit is claimed resides outside the Republic of Croatia; if the child has already been entitled to a family benefit and if yes, since when and in which EU Member State; what type of earning/income/fee are acquired by all household members including the children who are covered by the application; if there is damage to the health of the child for whom the child benefit is claimed; if the child with the established higher grade or severe disability is provided with permanent accommodation in an institution according to special regulations.
The application should contain the attachments/documents necessary to determine the eligibility, depending on whether the applicant is already a beneficiary of child benefit or is applying for the first time.

New Beneficiaries

The application for the first-time recognition of the right to child benefit requires the following documents:

For the applicant:
  • Copy of ID card
  • Certificate of birth, marriage, divorce
  • Certificate from the Ministry of the Interior proving the status of an asylum seeker, a foreigner under subsidiary protection or their family member
  • The decision of the social welfare centre, i.e. court decision (on guardianship, foster care, custody, and upbringing of the child)
  • Bank confirmation (authorization/consent) on the current-account number for payment of child benefit. 
For entitlements under special conditions:
  • Proof of parental death
  • Proof of complete and permanent incapacity of parent to live independently and work
  • Proof that the parents' residence is unknown
  • Decision on deprivation of legal capacity of parents.
For children covered by the application:  
  • Birth certificate or electronic record from the e-Citizens system (e-Građani)
  • Medical documentation to determine the degree of damage to health.
For household members:
  • A copy of the identity card for an adult member
  • Birth certificate or electronic record from the e-Citizens system (e-Građani) for minor children for whom the right to child benefit is not claimed.

Continuation of Entitlement

Starting from 1 March of the current year (conversion procedure), the applicant should attach the following documents to the application for the child benefit: 
  • Statement on changes concerning the previous decision on the status of the beneficiaries and children, and changes in the number and capacity of the household members (employment status, regular student status, number of household members, address, change of a bank account or current-account number, and similar)
  • Evidence to identify new household members.
For continued entitlement to child benefit from the 1 March of the current year, the applicants have to apply each year from January to 1 March of the current year. The entitlements based on the applications filed after 1 March count from the application date.

Determining the Total Household Income:

HZMO obtains data on the achieved total income and other forms of earnings from the Tax Administration through official channels.
The applicant is obliged to submit for himself/herself and other members of the household:
  • A certificate of salary, pension or other taxable income earned abroad
  • A certificate issued by the employer on the paid sick leave at the expense of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO)
  • A certificate from the social welfare centre on the carer’s allowance paid to a parent and on the foster care allowance.  

Note: If the entitlement refers only to a child/person with a higher grade or severe disability or for the child of a deceased or missing Croatian Homeland War veteran, the proof of income is not required.
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